One of the best things about Amateur Radio is the opportunity to join various clubs and societies, whether local or national, or even international.

I am part of a number of clubs, and I have listed these below, with links to their websites and Club callsigns where known.

I am a founding member of the Glasgow University Wireless Society and am pleased to currently serve as its Chairman. I am also holder of one of the Club callsigns G#4 AGU on the Society’s behalf. GS4 AGU/MS0 WSG

GMDX - I am pleased to serve as Secretary of the GMDX Group. GS8 VL

OARC - I am part of the Online Amateur Radio Community, a Community Representative and serve on the Training Team and the Media/Editorial Team. In addition, along with Colin GM4 JPZ, I am Net Controller for the weekly Slow to Medium Speed Morse Net. M(S)0 OUK

WACRAL - the World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners - No. 1730. M1 CRA

CWOps - CWOps - No. 3366. GM2 CWO

RSGB - the Radio Society of Great Britain - No. 211957

CRA - the Colchester Radio Amateurs. G3 CO/MX1 COL

HARIG - the Harwich Amateur Radio Interest Group. G0 RGH

ECWARC - Essex CW Amateur Radio Club - No. 254. G1 FCW

G-QRP - the Q-QRP Low Power Club - No. 17163. G5 LOW

FISTS - FISTS CW Club - No. 21280.

WoSARS - the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society. GS4 AGG/GM7 WOS

SKCC - the Straight Key Century Club, for whom I am pleased to hold the UK Club Call G#5 KCC - No. 27020. G#5 KCC