While most of my operating takes place at home (see my Shack page), I do enjoy taking my QRP radio out portable. There are a variety of locations that I’ve used over the years, whether on my own or with other amateurs. Two relatively recent examples of these were with Kevan (2E0WMG), who made videos of our adventures. You can view the videos below:

It was with Kevan that I visited the Hebrides in spring 2024 for a radio adventure. For more information see the “Hebrides 2024” page above.

HF Operation

The Xiegu G90 My Xiegu G90, the go-to /P radio

M6EIO/P A young Michael (M6EIO/P) on Mersea Island with Kevan 2E0WMG

GM5AUG/QRP A somewhat older Michael (GM5AUG/QRP) in the same spot with Andy G6IGU

GM5AUG/QRP /QRP in sunny Troon

GM5AUG/QRP /QRP antennas at Troon - a 40m whip on the car, and a 20m dipole

VHF and UHF Operation

My V/UHF radios (aside from those used for packet nodes)

  • I use a cheap and cheerful Chinese 2m/70cm mobile transceiver while /M in the car. Picture to follow.
  • A Kenpro KT-22 2m FM HT
  • A couple of ubiquotous Baofeng UV-5Rs
  • A Quansheng UV-K5 with the egzumer firmware
  • A Yaesu FT-290R (although this is not in GWO)

Kenpro KT-22 Kenpro KT-22 2m FM Transceiver

My Kenpro KT-22 - from 1990. This transceiver produces either 1.5W or 150mW, is equipped to work with +/- 600kHz repeater shifts, and has a 1750Hz toneburst button.

SOTA Operation

A little while ago, a former friend kindly gave me his old 2m SOTABeam, and this has given me many hours of pleasure as well. Photograph above shows me operating atop Corse Hill (GM/SS-236). I take my Kenpro (above) on these trips, and it is amazing how far 1.5W will get when a) it is directed and b) you have height on your side! The below map illustrates this - each dot on the map shows a station I worked from the hilltop!


See the below review from Practical Wireless (November 1990)

Kenpro KT-22 Review in Practical Wireless

Yaesu FT-290R Yaesu FT-290R 2m Transceiver

My latest purchase is this vintage 2m transceiver, made by Yaesu in 1982. Producing either 2.5W or 500mW of USB/LSB/CW/FM, the rig is powered by eight C-cell batteries, or an external power supply. Neatly the rig has its own telescopic whip included, alongside the option to use an external antenna. While I have not used it in the field yet, owing to a few repairs I need to make, I look forward to doing so - particularly as this radio has a CW and SSB mode, something many portable 2m rigs do not have.