This is where it all began: Michael first encountering Amateur Radio at the National Radio Centre, Bletchley Park, in August 2012. Note my parents looking on in the first photo - little did they know what it would lead to!

RadCom article

In January 2013 an article appeared in RadCom, mentioning my visit to the NRC and reporting that I was the first person known to have gained their licence as a result of a visit to the NRC. I will be forever grateful to the gentlemen on duty at GB3RS that day for introducing me to this wonderful world.

Bletchley Park Michael, as part of the RSGB Centenary line-up, being introduced to the Lord Lieut. of Bucks

In July 2013 I was privileged to be invited to join the line-up at the RSGB Centenary Day, celebrating 100 years of the RSGB. It had been hoped that His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh would attend, but owing to ill health HRH pulled out. It was a pleasure to be introduced to the Lord Lieutenant of Bucks. (Sir Henry Aubrey Fletcher), the High Sheriff of Buckingham (Sir Stuart Hamspon), and Councillor Brian White, Mayor of Milton Keynes.

G4OAD trophy

A very young Michael being awarded the ECWARC ‘G4OAD Memorial Trophy’ by Stephen Cocks G4ZUL.

“The award is made each year by the ECWARC committee to the nominated person that they deem the most improved CW learner/practitioner in the previous 12 months. Michael was awarded the trophy as he had joined the regular practice sessions run for CRA by Jonathan G0DVJ and others on Sunday and Monday evenings on air, and quickly caught up the progress of the others on those sessions. Michael is the second CRA member to be a recipient of the trophy. Jeff G7TAT won the award two years previously.” (Taken from the June 2014 CRA Newsletter)

WACRAL Wedding Day

I married Jackie in August 2022, and was both delighted and surprised to see this photo appear on the front cover of WACRAL’s Autumn 2022 Members’ Newsletter. Note the Editor has superimposed a Baofeng handheld - I wouldn’t have been allowed to take one up the aisle!