Please note this page is out of date, following Ofcom’s update to the Regulations. I’ll update it in due course.

Since first being licenced in 2012, I have operated under a number of NoVs. NoVs are ‘Notices of Variation’, allowing the operator to vary his callsign or the terms of his licence. For ease I have split NoVs into four main categories, but these are my designations only and not official. For more information, please click here to visit the RSGB NoV page.

Four categories of NoVs:

  1. Regional Secondary Location NoVs
  2. Special Event Station NoVs (only available to Full licensees)
  3. Variation of a licence to operate on different frequencies (only available to Full licensees). 3a. Here there are also NoVs for running nodes, repeaters, packet mailboxes, etc
  4. I have a NoV to allow me to broadcast the GB2RS News - (only available to registered GB2RS Newsreaders)

I have made use all of the above types of NoVs. A few of the variations from groups 1 and 2 are listed below, with links to QRZ pages.

In March and April 2023 I operated GB5AAW in Autism Awareness Week. The event organiser, James Gallo (KB2FMH), described Autism Awareness Week as “the biggest special event in Ham Radio history” - and it was an honour to be a part of it. It was through this special event that I met my dear friend, Colin GM4JPZ.

Autism Awareness Week Certificate

I also hold the following ‘group 3’ NoVs:

Frequency Allocation NoV Issued NoV Expiry
146MHz to 147MHz 06 October 2023 31 October 2024
2300MHz to 2302MHz 27 March 2023 27 March 2026
275GHz and above 27 March 2023 27 March 2026

Other callsigns I have operated under
(Full licensees are allowed to operate using Club callsigns with the relevant licence holder’s permission)

Callsign Belonging to Date(s)
MS0WSG Glasgow University Wireless Society Ongoing
GS4AGU ditto. ditto.
GS3CO Colchester Radio Amateurs 1st to 31st April 2023
GX3CO/P ditto. (operated from Packing Shed Island) 21st to 22nd July 2023

Some example NoVs