Below is a link that will display a map of the planes that my Raspberry Pi is currently tracking over my parents’ house in JO01LV. I feed these plane spots into the excellent OARC ADS-B application, which can be found here.

The reason I am tracking planes not from my home (IO75US) but from my parents house is that there are already plenty of feeders in Scotland, but the system is currently lacking feeders in East Anglia. If you have a spare Raspberry Pi and rtl-sdr dongle, you could join in too!

Click here to view the map view of the aeroplanes over Colchester

I have tried to embed this view in an <iframe>, but because the map display (using tar1090) is served with http, and this website is served with https, the <iframe> doesn’t work. This is a work in progress, though!

For more information about the work of OARC (The Online Amateur Radio Community), visit their website

In time I plan to add more to this subpage, so please check back.